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(The 15th in a continuing series) Charlie visited again a week ago, but this time, for the first time, without her parents (though they were only across the city attending meetings and staying in a hotel), and so it was an adventure for all of us, but a successful one we all hope to repeat […]

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(The 14th in a continuing series) It doesn’t matter if you do something that’s unusual or a bit weird, because that’s you and that’s good. Quirky clothing (eg. hoodies with cats ears) is fun. I should trust her judgement. “It’s going to be awesome,” she whispered, as Pete’s Dragon started, and she was right. Practising […]

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What Charlie Taught Me

(The 13th in a continuing series) In December, I was lucky enough to spend time with Charlie on four separate occasions. These are the lessons she taught me (or reminded me of) this time. Cystic fibrosis is tough on both the kids who have it and their parents But don’t let the feeding tubes or […]

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