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(The 12th in a continuing series)

It has been a couple of months since I saw Charlie, so this is rather overdue, and we only had a very quick visit, meeting in another town on another island, spending only an hour or two together. As usual, though, she still managed to teach me a few things.

  • Taking care of your nails is important, as is having the appropriate utensils.
  • It is more fun if these are in a pretty case.
  • Exploring new places is fun. (Well, I knew that, but it’s nice to be reminded from a child’s eyes.)
  • We must take care of endangered birds, even if they’re stuffed just soft toys.
  • Nothing is free, especially gifts from a child at school that have “fundraising” written all over them.

Things Charlie



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(The 11th in a continuing series)

charlie 11th

  • It is important to behave with the appropriate decorum when having a posh afternoon tea.
  • Tea (or look-alike juice) is always better when poured from a fancy china pot.
  • Remember your pinky when using dainty teacups.
  • Sometimes the unexpected things are the most fun – like pelicans, or ruffed lemurs.
  • Pussy cats are to be cherished – even tigers, and stuffed ginger cats bought with a gift voucher.
  • It is a special thing to be asked to be a penpal.
  • A birthday always requires a present.
  • Being grumpy won’t make you popular.
  • Two broken arms won’t slow you down.
  • When people ask awkward questions, it is good to have some clever answers ready.

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(the tenth in a continuing series)

Things Charlie Taught Me


  •  Small talk can be really annoying.
  • Things are always more fun if there’s another six-year-old with you.
  • Though cousins – even boy cousins – can be fun too.
  • Swimming underwater is more fun than swimming on top of it.
  • Swimming with someone – even/especially Auntie [Mali] – is more fun than swimming alone.
  • There are some things worth being woken up to see (eg fruit bats).
  • Snakes and crocodiles and sting rays and fruit bats and cassowaries are cool.
  • Hugs given with enthusiasm are the best.




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(the ninth in a continuing series)

  • When you can’t get what you want, improvise. (Tape empty – though not clean – yoghurt containers to flat shoes, et voila, instant high heels.)
  • Some things are worth the wait. (“Finally!” she exclaimed, opening her Christmas present to see the much coveted high heels.)
  • Thank you hugs are the best.
  • Actually, high heels aren’t always that comfortable. (Okay, I knew that.)
  • It’s good to have a friend to play with – doesn’t matter if they’re a boy, or older than you.
  • Water games are always fun.
  • Teasing must be endured, with a grimace-grin if necessary.

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… lazy. But when you’ve been struck by a lurgy, whether the one your husband took up north to visit Charlie and her parents, or whether it was the one that Charlie’s dad was suffering with when we got there, writing isn’t easy.

Fortunately, the seven hour drive home (the husband had flown home earlier to work) occurred before the lurgy struck, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I stopped frequently, extending my travelling time by an hour or so. There was a minor hiccup when I thought I’d lost my prescription glasses, but after a period of panicking and desperate hunting and retracing my steps – extending my trip for a further hour – some kind shop owner had found them and kept them for me. But otherwise, there was just me, the road, our stunning scenery, and National Radio keeping me company.

A picture might not be worth a thousand words, but it’s #MicroblogMonday, so I don’t need a thousand words anyway. Still, here are some photos:

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(the eighth in a continuing series)

  • Mower Day. It’s a big deal.
  • The show must go on, even when it’s Mower Day at the Exact. Same. Time.
  • A Bad Attitude doesn’t help you win friends or influence people (especially not your parents).
  • Free stuff is good.
  • But working for your money is also satisfying.
  • We should all create an Amazing World of Love and Hugs.
  • Dancing is a fun way to exercise.
  • A new scrunchie (or two) can improve your whole day.
  • Green cocktails (or mocktails) are AMAZING.
  • Giraffes are awesome.
For Charlie

For Charlie


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(the seventh in a continuing series)

  • Get Firewise:  Stay a metre from the heater
  • Sushi beats a burger any day
  • Kids’ movies are so so SO funny
  • Museums can, unexpectedly sometimes, be great fun
  • Stories at bed-time are special
  • Special time are best when they are equally shared
  • Loved ones are always with us, even when we are away (but sometimes it might be a good idea to have a photo of them under our pillow as extra comfort)
  • After every ladder, there might be a snake (and vice versa), so celebrate when you can.
  • Being sick sucks, but doesn’t mean we should stop having fun.
  • Fashion is fun – and it’s all about feeling good in what we wear, not what others wear.

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