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It’s been over a year now since we sold my in-laws’ house. Apart from the people, I miss the lemon tree, and its “impossible to eat” fruit. The last ten or twenty years it has been unnecessary for me to buy lemons because there were plenty from this tree. I make a lemon slice that is delicious, I love lemon cakes, lemon in stir-fries, lemon in drinks, and lemon to make buttermilk (when I haven’t thought in advance to buy some) to make scones. Earlier this year, there was a real shortage of lemons in New Zealand due to supply chain issues (they were out of season in New Zealand, and import deliveries were delayed), and I really felt the loss of this tree. I hope the new owners are enjoying the copious harvest of their new lemon tree.

PS. I might talk about the trees behind the lemon tree sometime in the future.

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A birthday tree

As noted in my previous post, this time last year I was touring the South Island with the Husband. The autumn colours were fabulous, and I snapped away happily. I’ve hardly seen any autumn colours this year, thanks to living in evergreen Wellington, with the exception of the oak tree outside my kitchen/dining windows.

One year ago today, the Husband and I headed to a popular vineyard café near Arrowtown for a late breakfast/brunch to celebrate his birthday. Winter had arrived that week, and it was freezing, so we walked past the outdoor tables and headed for the warm indoors, where good coffee and food and a fire awaited us. But on the way in and out, I delighted in this tree, catching the morning light.

Another in the Tree Love series – find all the other bloggers doing it here this week.

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A shade tree

I haven’t joined the Tree Love crew since January, so a post is long overdue. As summer comes to an end here in New Zealand, I wanted to share a tree I loved on my last picnic. We went to this spot twice in March, and the first time I sat under this particular tree. There is a wooden seat there, though the next time we sat on the grass. It – and the others that rimmed the cove – provided welcome shade from the midday sun and NZ’s harsh cancer-causing UV rays, as we nibbled on summer picnic fare (bacon and egg pie), watched what was happening on the water – ferries, coastguard patrol, kayakers, snorkellers etc – and just enjoyed the tranquillity of this sheltered bay.

It is of course a pohutukawa.

And just to put it in context, here are some photos of and from the bay.

Another in the Tree Love series – find all the other bloggers doing it here.

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