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Today is the final day of the Nature Photo challenge. I had hoped to include the major regions of the world that I’ve visited, but doubled up on Europe and omitted North America. That simply reflects the amount of time I’ve spent in Europe, and the number of eligible photos I have. So today, I decided to come home. Right back to my roots, in fact.

The photo below is of the beach paddock on the farm where I grew up. This paddock was right on the coast. Just a stony beach stands between it and the Pacific Ocean. Our house was about half a mile inland, where we could still see and, when the wind was easterly and the breakers large, hear the sea.

I took the photograph just a few years ago when I took my mother for a nostalgic trip back to the farm and the district where she spent most of her life. It looks exactly as it did 40 years ago.

Green paddock filled with sheep, with Hunter Hills in the background.

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This time in 2009, we were on our first visit to Africa. I fell in love, and – supplanting those relaxing tropical beaches – invigorating but restorative African safaris became my favourite thing to do. I loved the bush – it’s not lush and beautiful like the New Zealand bush, but I adored the wide spaces, the huge thorns, the stark leadwood trees, and of course, the animals. I have posted many photos from our visits to South Africa, but here is one you haven’t seen before. I took this exactly seven years ago today.

Impala looking back at us



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Wine is a wonderful combination of nature and skill. In certain regions of New Zealand, the landscape has changed over the last 40 years from grazing (sheep farming) to hectare after hectare of vines. But in parts of Europe, they have been there for centuries. Here we have a view of the home of prosecco, an area kissed by nature in northern Italy.

Rolling hills coated in vines, Prosecco country, Veneto, Italy


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