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I need to keep it short and sweet on today’s Microblog Monday, after my last post, which was not a microblog post, despite it being about Microblog Mondays.

I’ve broken away from my usual modern literature reading in the last month, to read some enjoyable and interesting non-fiction, including Hillary Clinton’s What Happened, Sheryl Sandberg’s Option B, and most recently, Sue Perkins’ Spectacles.

Some thoughts about aging, the first being the need to plan well in advance, and to make decisions before you think it is necessary, because by the time you need to have made some of these decisions, you’ll be much less capable of doing so.

Secondly, people often talk about maintaining dignity in old age, confusing it with pride, and implying that this is only possible when you are independent. However, I become more and more convinced that true dignity is being able to admit when you need help, and to accept that with grace.

The weather is warming nicely, and we’re all starting to be a bit hopeful that this year we might actually get a summer, after the disappointments of last year.

With spring well and truly here, with bright light earlier in the morning and later at night, the need for spring cleaning is becoming more and more obvious, and will need to be tackled soon.

I may not have cleaned, but I’m feeling quite smug that I only need to buy three more Christmas/birthday (thanks to my sister and a sister-in-law who both have birthdays on 20th December) presents before the end of the year.


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Things I learned today about ageing

1, If you want to feel young, put a sticking plaster on your skinned knee.

2. If you want to feel old, skin your knee by falling down the stairs at the posh department store.

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Old Mali

Lali started me thinking about this. What type of old lady do I want to be?

  1. I would like to be like Helen Mirren. Dignity, glamour, humour and sexuality defying age. But that would be nice even at 46. If I don’t have it now, I doubt I’ll acquire it in the next 20 years!
  2. Adventurous. My husband has an aunt and uncle who, in their late 70s, are still planning their next trip overseas. We both admire their enthusiasm for the world; the fact that their thoughts always turn to “what’s next?”
  3. Still acquiring knowledge. At the very least I want still to be trying to learn new languages, and about the world as it will be, trying new foods and cooking them at home, interested in new music (and playing some) and art and books and theatre and film.
  4. I want to be like the silver haired ladies I saw recently when I was shopping with my niece. They were trying on trendy, elegant clothes – age appropriate, but not stuck in the past. Those elderly women were very much of these times. I felt like saying to them “bravo.”
  5. I want to be up with the latest technology, communicating easily with my family, friends, and nieces and nephews scattered all over the world. Even when I’m no longer as mobile as I would like to be, I don’t want to feel cut off from the world. Technology should allow me to do that.
  6. I want to have young people in my life to help keep me young and in the world. I’ll have to work on that. It’s easier for people with offspring.
  7. I want to be the sixty or seventy year old still in the gym, lifting weights to maintain healthy bones and exercising to keep a healthy heart and lungs.
  8. I want to go on lots of walks, breathing fresh air and appreciating the NZ bush and birds in a way I don’t always have time to do now.
  9. Above all, I want to live in the “now” whilst appreciating the past.
  10. Last but not least, I want to have laugh lines, not worry lines.

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