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Spring Cleaning – share a before and after photo of a room you recently tackled.  I’m still basking in the glory of my updated linen cupboard of several years ago, or the draws I rearranged (for the change of seasons) a few weekends ago. I’m laughing hysterically (whilst feeling slightly guilty) at the idea of having a room I “recently tackled.”

Share a favourite Valentine’s tradition. I don’t have any, I don’t really like the idea of Valentine’s Day, but maybe that’s because my wedding anniversary falls just before Valentine’s and so by the time the 14th arrives, we’ve already had enough compulsory romance for that month/year!

List ten favourite snacks growing up. We simply didn’t snack – we rarely had processed foods in the house, and besides there was no time. We had three meals a day, structured morning and afternoon teas, and a late supper (effectively a hot drink and a biscuit*) about 9.30 at night, and we were all slim.

* cookie

 Click the image to find out more about #Microblog Mondays

Click the image to find out more about #Microblog Mondays


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I needed inspiration for a Monday post, and looked at a list of potential topics I get sent weekly by email. I guess I found inspiration, in that these are suggestions I will not be writing about, for obvious reasons:

  • Find a photo of yourself taken 10 years ago and display it on your blog along with a current photo, and write about how you’ve changed.
  • Use a recent Instagram photo to inspire a blogpost.
  • Choose the 7th picture you took in January and write a poem about it.
  • Childhood pet – where are they now?
  • Ask a parent to describe what you were like as a small child.
  • Look back at the resolutions you made last year at this time – how did you do?
7th photo I took in January - but no poem!

7th photo I took in January – but no poem!

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