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It’s been over two and a half months since I’ve been to this cafe. It’s my first Monday back at the gym, taking it gently, only 15 minutes on the bike, to get my ankle and knee moving, followed by some free weights and my ankle/knee physiotherapy exercises. It’s nice to get back to some normality, to get back to a routine, but it will be nicer still when I can go down the stairs alternate feet first, and don’t wake up to pain in my knee every hour or two.

When I was working out the sun was blinding, reflecting off the sea and the polished concrete floor, but now the clouds have covered over, and the sea is softly choppy, as the wind is gentle, and the temperature outside ridiculously mild for the day before the shortest day of the winter. Across the harbour, as I wait for my flat white, I can see the container transporters working on the wharf, multi-coloured containers piled high in office block proportions, looking like Lego blocks, or several complicated Rubik’s cubes, though perhaps not so complicated after all, as at least one cube has been solved on the side facing me, smugly monotone white and complete. The Eastbourne ferry crosses in front of me, reminding me that even after all these years I’ve never taken it, and wondering if my 13-year old nephew* would like a trip on it when he comes to stay in a few weeks.

The simple act of moving, the people I got to know at the gym, going to my regular coffee shops, seeing the recovery of my favourite coffee shop (after a fire), being outside, enjoying the harbour – all these little things I used to take for granted mean so much more after an extended break.**

*okay, great-nephew, but I think we’ve reached an understanding where he calls me his great aunt (ie. aunt who is great, because I am) and he will be my nephew who is great because he is.

** pun not intended.

Update: I am pleased to report that two weeks later taking stairs is easier, and my knee is less painful.



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After six weeks, my cast came off today, and I’m allowed to put weight on my ankle, though I will confess that these first hours are scary, and my crutches are still my best friends. I learned some lessons over these last six weeks:

  • Maintaining leg, shoulder and arm strength is important for all of us. We never know when we will need it, and I’m pleased that prior to my accident I had increased the weight exercises at the gym.
  • Time actually goes really fast, and I didn’t really have time to read all the books, watch all the TV programmes, or learn all the Spanish that I thought I would six weeks ago.
  • I need to lose weight, and I missed cooking, and I’m not sure if the two are linked.
  • It is hard to ask for help, but we will all have to do it at some stage, and we need to learn that

a) there is no shame in it, and
b) if you don’t ask, you often don’t get, and
c) in asking, we’ll learn how to better help others.

  • We should appreciate how lucky we are to be able to do things like walking, or using our hands and arms, or other basic functions that we take for granted, but shouldn’t.

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