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May is Food month on my 2018 a post a day blog over on Take Two x365, and on one of the other x365 blogs someone mentioned buying 10 cabbages for $1; I wondered aloud (silly me!) what you might do with ten cabbages, and joked that it might be a good blog post.

  1. Take a cabbage, make a hole in it, and turn it into a candlestick (or is that a cabbagestick?), or better, take three of different sizes and you’ve got yourself a nice arrangement, keeping it natural, or spray painted in gold or silver for a glam look.
  2. Use a cabbage as a ready-made, biodegradable knife block, and stress reliever.
  3. Cut a groove in it, and you’ve got a stand for your iPad or smartphone to watch or listen to when cooking dinner.
  4. Choose the largest heaviest cabbage, and use it instead of a medicine ball from the gym, for an at-home workout.
  5. Two cabbages (one for each foot) would work as footrests under my office table, so I don’t sit with my feet twisted back as they are right now.
  6. A cabbage would be a useful doorstop.
  7. Use the last cabbage for soup or sauerkraut, or stir-fry with garlic and a tiny sprinkling of sugar as a side dish, and one of my 5-8 a day.

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