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We noticed it first on our drive to the northeast of our country – I was shocked to suddenly see poplars turning yellow, even though everything else still felt summery.

By the time we got home, we’d seen lots of poplars and willow trees starting to turn, which is not something we see here, surrounded by largely native, evergreen trees. Then we noticed how much darker it is in the evenings, the sun suddenly setting around 7.30 pm, about half an hour earlier (it seemed) than when we had left, and it seems shocking that daylight saving will end in a couple of weeks.

The agapanthus have finished flowering, as have the hydrangeas and other flowers, though a few hardy blooms of other varieties still bring colour to our lives.

But it was still hot on my walk this morning, and at a spot a few hundred metres down the street, I was greeted again by a large monarch butterfly, a sign of summer still lingering. They’ve been prolific this summer – a friend even nurtured one to adulthood in her garden – and I’ve taken enormous pleasure at seeing them swoop and fly around our hills, and especially at the ones near our mailbox.

As much as I complained about the hot nights, I do feel sad that summer is drawing to an end. But then, I felt that way at the end of winter too.


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I spent the afternoon at my computer, finishing a surprise project for a friend, and then I did some writing before deciding it was time for some exercise, and after beating up my body and a refreshing shower as a reward, I returned to my desk, and as I settled into my chair I looked up, through the skylight above me, to a strange sight, a sight I haven’t seen for months, and was surprised to see just now, a sight that was something rather than nothing, a sky that was still light, not bright daylight, but it was far from being dark, as it is dark now, 25 minutes later, 6.30 pm on a winter’s night when I would normally feel gloomy but right now I don’t, because at about 6.05 pm tonight, I realised it was still light, and you know that is something to celebrate, because it means the sun is on its way.

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