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I love the phrase “it’s never too old to teach an old dog new tricks.” I love it because I’m fast becoming that thing, an old dog or a middle-aged woman, that society tends to write off. I love it because I feel there is still so much to learn in this life, and I’m going to run out of time. Or, like my mother perhaps, run out of brain-power time.
Languages and self-taught internet stuff are the main things I learn these days. I like learning. It makes me feel as if I still understand the world, rather than watching it catch up and ultimately overtake me. I remember the last few weeks of the summer holiday when I was at school. My brain was ready for learning new things, and I’d start doing maths problems, or trying to learn new things – any new things – to feel challenged and alive.

I’m a bit the same now. So here’s a short list of things I’d like to learn* over the next year:

  1. Some new recipes – including but not limited to pumpkin gnocchi.
  2. Spanish. I taught myself some basics for our trip to Spain back in 2007. I’d like to refresh and improve on that. After all, if we can ever afford to travel again, we’ll be heading eastward, towards Latin America.
  3. Chinese. I studied it about 18 years ago, but have forgotten almost all I learned. My Chinese teacher said to me “the second time you learn a language, it sticks.” It was true with Thai.  I hope it works  now at my advanced age too.
  4. Computer coding. Maybe starting just with html, as I only know the bare basics. But I’d like to explore other areas too.
  5. Yoga. I need to get into an exercise form that doesn’t put too much pressure on my knees, and that helps with stretching. I’ve always wanted to learn yoga, but have been put off by the skinny young things at the classes. So I’ll have to figure out a way to do it until I can feel comfortable at a class.
  6. Maths. I always enjoyed it as an academic exercise. I’d like to remind myself of this again, having forgotten so much since my last formal lesson over 34 years ago.
  7. How to put my theoretical knowledge into practice when it comes to marketing and (self) promotion.

* Inspired by Bridgett at South City Musings. The first thing she says to describe herself is “I like to learn.”


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