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As a consultant, I’ve designed and taught several courses about marketing, in particular, about marketing your services. After all, there’s not much more personal in sales than selling yourself, your thoughts and abilities and personality and style. It’s not easy. You may be a brilliant consultant because you understand your clients, they trust you, you develop insight, and you tailor your approach to each individual client and their specific needs. You may be a brilliant consultant because you are an expert at what you do – leading your city, country, or even the world. But unless you’re able to

a) explain your value in terms your client understands and values, or

b) actually put yourself out there in front of potential clients, put yourself out to be seen (and yes, judged), then you won’t get the work.

I’m terrible at the above.   Well, no, let me qualify that. I am skilled at knowing how to do it, and I can teach it really well (those who can’t teach, huh?).  But when it comes to doing it for myself, for my own business, point b) gets me every time. Call it fear, call it a lack of self-belief, call me shy, or call me a coward. I wish I was better at self-promotion, at acknowledging what I’m good at (and I’m very good at that), and at convincing others.  I wish I was braver.

So yes, I know I should practice what I preach.  And you should too.  Or you’ll be stuck at home, writing blog posts.


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