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There’s a difference between travelling to a destination and coming home, which I know is stating the obvious. Whilst coming home does not have the same excitement of new or exotic pleasures, the relief of the familiar, and the pure comforts of home at the end of the journey are nonetheless¬†worth celebrating.

It’s always a pleasure turning on the tap and drinking delicious water after a trip overseas, but I have to admit that on this trip, both Iceland and Norway provided very drinkable and even quite tasty water, unlike the ghastly stuff that comes out of the taps in places like France and Italy and the rest of Europe.

Even though it is winter here, the light seems so much brighter than the early summer light in Scandinavia; here, the colours are vivid and the landscape sparkles.

After five weeks away, it is nice to have a washing machine on call!

Cooking again, and not having to pay the exorbitant prices of Iceland and Norway for food, is fun – or it will be once I recover fully from the jet lag.

Speaking of jet lag, according to the experts it generally takes about one day for each time zone changed (with eastward travel, because you lose time), which means that we still have two or three days to go to consider ourselves fully recovered.¬†I can usually tell when I have adjusted back to NZ time when I stop waking up early, so I figure that I’m almost there, as I noticed a familiar desire to stay in my warm, cosy bed this morning!




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  • We arrived home last night, 40 hours after leaving our hotel room in Oslo, and that is just too long. But, as I told my disbelieving father-in-law (who is not enamoured of travel), it was worth it.
  • Five weeks of dust is actually quite a lot, considering I cleaned the house the day before we left.
  • It’s a bit depressing coming home to a dusty house, especially since – did I mention this? – I cleaned it the day before we left.
  • The seasons have changed since we left, with only a few sad brown leaves left on our oak tree.
  • It was the same temperature here in Wellington as it was in Oslo when we left, even though we are in opposite seasons.
  • It’s quite nice though to go to bed under a cosy duvet and in the darkness, as it never got dark in our five weeks in those northern reaches.
  • My body might be in this time zone, but my head is not, as it tries to fast-forward 10 hours, so I really wish I’d written and scheduled today’s post before I left!



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