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Winter storms have been sweeping up the country, dropping snow in the South Island, and causing floods just a few hours north of us, cutting electricity to many in the affected areas. I’m sitting at my computer listening to the radio, and an interviewer was talking to a woman who was isolated from the floods, and without power. In response to the interviewer wondering how she was managing to talk to him on the phone if her power was out, she said,

“Oh, I’m using an old, corded phone, as none of our cordless phones will work without power.”

After the devastating Christchurch earthquakes, a friend told me that the most important thing to her during those early days after the disaster was the fact that she had a corded phone, and could connect to the outside world.

Finding corded phones these days isn’t that easy, as my sister discovered recently when buying a new phone for our mother, though they are available if you look … and look now.

As you know, I live on a major fault-line, and live daily in the knowledge that today could be the day it shifts and shakes our world apart. We have stockpiles of cans (maybe why I’m a food hoarder) and plenty of water, and other emergency supplies. And we have a corded phone that is attached to the wall, and therefore, the world.

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