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Social media (in particular, Fb) is pretty hard to look at the moment. There seems to have been an onslaught of divisiveness, and understandably people who are upset at developments want to vent about these, though I will say I have the most polite, most moderate Fb friends, who vent merely by posting interesting articles, or funny political cartoons or commentary!

But I keep going back, because there are always posts that make me smile, even the ones that make turn me green with envy, like the posts this morning showing dear friends having a reunion (without me), or the photos from another friend who might have been at the unofficial reunion if she hadn’t been in the Seychelles, and a good friend who is in Bangkok following my “Three Days in Bangkok” itinerary I wrote for her!

(I’ve just spent the last ten minutes searching flights to the Seychelles. Maybe I will have to add them on to my long-list of destinations on my travel planning list.)

There are two types of posts, though, that I particularly enjoy, no matter who posts them, and especially the comments.

  • Requests for recipe ideas that often result in ideas for something I wouldn’t normally cook.
  • Requests for book recommendations, as these regularly lead to me adding new books to my Goodreads “To-Read” list.



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