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Next year will be the 100th anniversary of a major campaign in World War I, a battle that has a major profile in New Zealand and Australia, and let’s not forget Turkey of course, either. The daughter of a friend of mine has been selected by the Ministry of Youth Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence as one of 20 from all over New Zealand to run a social media campaign over the next week focused on the Gallipoli Centenary.  The best three will be chosen to attend the Gallipoli Centennial celebrations in Turkey for three weeks next year as  NZ Youth Ambassadors. This is a big deal!

I’ve known Madeline (Maddie) since she was born.  She’s grown into a responsible, talented, caring, and often hilarious young woman (she’s a wicked mimic) who would be a fantastic Ambassador for our country.  And I’m speaking as someone who has known a lot of Ambassadors, and knows what is required! She’s doing it to honour her Grandfather’s memory – a much loved man I was pleased to know.

I’m sure she would be thrilled – and that it might help her cause – to get comments and shares from all over the world. You could follow her lead and make some yummy ANZAC biscuits too! The story of Gallipoli is more than that of a bloody battle.  It is the story of the way that Turkey responded to these enemy soldiers and our subsequent remembrances on their soil, and the way former enemies come together and remember the horrors of war, in the hope that they will never repeat them.  It’s a story worth spreading. I wrote about it here – there are pictures, too.

The words of Kemal Ataturk to the mothers of the fallen soldiers

The words of Kemal Ataturk to the mothers of the fallen soldiers

Because I don’t have kids, I don’t inundate my friends here or on Facebook with fund-raising requests, or ball photos or bragging about sports teams or exam results or what they cooked me for breakfast on Mother’s Day. I don’t get to do any of that.  So please indulge me just this once.

Here’s a link to Maddie’s campaign – and there you’ll find more links to Instagram and Twitter as well.

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