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(Photo Blogging Day 29)

What makes a good photograph? There are as many answers to this question as there are photographs, I’m sure. We could look at it from a technical point of view. Is it perfectly exposed, perfectly in focus, with an interesting composition? Does it use advanced techniques, perfect as it is without post-production editing. Or we could look at it from an artistic perspective. Is it beautiful, or challenging? Does it make us see the world in a different way? Does it tell a story? We could try to decide if a photograph has any meaning, whether it contributes to the world in any way. Or we could take it very personally. Does this photograph speak to us? Do we want to keep it? Does it remind of us something? What does it make us feel?

Imperfections can help make an ordinary photograph a good photograph. Solar flare can bring a moment to life, even if it is a mistake. The camera strap getting in the way told a story of a young woman learning to use her first camera. A bird swooping may be a little blurry, but brings some life to an otherwise very static photograph of old, stone buildings. Even a photo that blurs when losing light and without a tripod can be beautiful.

Good doesn’t need to mean perfect. In fact, sometimes imperfect is just what is needed. The unwanted, unexpected and unplanned can turn into something amazing. Just like life.

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