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We are not independently wealthy. A Lotto win continues to elude us, instead going to people who seem needy. We haven’t made career decisions that have seen us stay in the same company for 25 years, coming out of it with either a generous redundancy package or a healthy retirement plan. Companies or organisations with those are few and far between these days in New Zealand. Of course, there was always the government. We live and work worked in a government town, but neither of us have government pensions. I haven’t worked for the government since 1996. I suspect if I had stayed there, I’d have either gone mad, or committed a serious, violent offence. The husband didn’t have the option to stay in the government either. Restructuring and privatisation of his industry meant that he has moved around and had an interesting career, but one which hasn’t offered long term stability. I quit my directorship (once I resigned as Chair, I really was only getting coffee money) to go overseas this year, and consulting work has dried up. So here we are. – two well-travelled unemployed folks.

We’ve been home a month now. We’re procrastinating a bit on the job hunt, both of us as bad as each other. I found something that didn’t appall me, so I’ve thrown my hat in the ring. He is still procrastinating. There’s not that much about. I figure we have till after Christmas before it starts to get urgent. Maybe by the New Year we’ll actually feel like working again?  I live in hope.


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