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Well, NZ has had new cases of community transmission, and so Auckland is in a form of lockdown again, and the rest of the country is at what we call Level 2, which means we can do pretty much everything we would usually do, except a) visit rest homes, and b) enter public places without social distancing. What I have noticed here in Wellington, where there has been no community transmission (as far as we know), is that people are more casual about maintaining social distancing or using contact tracing apps than we might otherwise have been. It’s a little disappointing, as no-one wants this to run loose in the way it has in Victoria, Australia or the rest of the world. I suspect that as soon as we hear of a case in our city everyone will start to behave a little better!

As a result, the PM announced today that our election will be delayed by a month. It probably had to be done, but I hate election campaigns, and ours was just ramping up (yes, we only have about a four-week long campaign!). The US AND the NZ election occurring in the same year and within a few weeks of each other is going to be stressful!

I really appreciate other writers’ great lines. I read one this morning, describing the opposition politicians’ suggestions of a conspiracy therapy as stooping “lower than a base isolator.” I think that’s a great description, almost uniquely NZ (base isolation was pioneered here), and probably only those in earthquake-prone countries are aware of base isolators’ existence. I hope I remember it, and remember to use it in the future. I am not above plagiarism when the writing is clever!

Aware that being able to travel freely (except to Auckland) is a privilege in these times of potential lockdowns and travel restrictions, my husband and I decided to go for a brief drive up the coast on the weekend, to take a walk along the beach, and drive back over a different road. It was a cold day, necessitating a scarf (an unusual requirement this winter) and windbreaker, and mildly windy, which of course set my eyes streaming. The sun came out later in the afternoon, but it was struggling to burst through the clouds as we took the steep Paekakariki road home. Stupidly, I had decided not to take my camera, but found these patches of sunlight playing on the calm Tasman Sea looked beautiful. So my phone had to suffice as my camera. I don’t think it did a bad job, do you?

View of Kapiti Island

I haven’t done any baking for a few weeks. So this afternoon, as my husband is at golf and once I have finished my Microblog Monday blogging, I’m thinking of trying a new chocolate cookie (NOT chocolate chip) recipe. In fact, I’m keen to try new recipes all round, having slipped back into my usual cooking habits with one or two COVID-acquired dishes now part of my repertoire (ie Klara’s Slovenian Bread, and home-made pizza dough). I have a new food magazine subscription that was chock full of recipes I want to try, so I have plenty of inspiration! Happy Monday!

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Today is, National Radio informed me this morning, the spring equinox, with day and night exactly the same length. Appropriately, it is windy. And may get windier later tonight. When you live in an already windy city, that’s windy. Although it is preferable that the house shakes from the wind than from, as it did last night, an earthquake.

Daylight saving starts this weekend. Summer is on its way. I’m not sure how I feel about that this year. Winter hasn’t been long enough or cold enough.

I’m feeling kinda proud of myself. I met a friend for lunch today, but as it was a day when I’m keeping my calorie count down, I drank only green tea as she ate her meal. Her plate of food looked delicious, and ironically, incredibly healthy. My husband and I have been following this pattern of eating for the last year. We’ve skipped weeks, even months at a time, when his mother was dying, when we’ve travelled (domestically and internationally), or when we’ve had social events or visitors. But otherwise, we’ve stuck to it. For a whole year! And I haven’t cheated at all.

The Rugby World Cup started last weekend. Let’s just say we’re watching. At least the time zone is in our favour for once, with Japan sitting only three hours behind us, though it will be four hours behind next week.

Do you ever read books that you are ashamed to admit you’re reading? Spare a thought for me, as I make my way through a 17-book series. They are junk food books. I don’t like that I’m reading them. But I can’t stop.

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My iPad and phone are both full of library loans, but I have no time to read them all. My phone has audiobooks – The Looming Tower, and the Year of No Clutter – so I can listen when I am walking. My iPad has a range of books I’ve downloaded based on recommendations from fellow bloggers and x365 bloggers, books I’ve heard reviewed or discussed on the radio, etc, but they’re all on a three-week loan, and need to be either requested again, or returned. I am just not keeping up with my reading this year, perhaps due to blogging, ironically on books this month on my x365 blog.

I recently mentioned going flatting, and – as I must admit I had expected – someone commented about the use of “flat” as a verb. It’s common in New Zealand, as we talk about flats and flatmates, with whom we go flatting; in contrast, a “room-mate” implies a more intimate arrangement.

There was an earthquake yesterday that rattled the house and cupboards for a little longer than usual, just reminding us – in case we were getting complacent – that we live in very shaky isles.

Right now, there are at least FIVE kaka in the macrocarpa tree out my window, all squawking away, flying at each other, and entertaining me. Unfortunately, the light isn’t good enough to get some photos or video of them, but here’s a photo of a kaka visiting us on the other side of the house some time ago.

P1060365 kaka cr

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