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Whilst this week marks the time when perhaps most New Zealanders are back at work, there are still many on their summer holiday, waiting to return until next week – giving them a full month break – or the week after, which is around the time that the school terms begin. So I often excuse myself when I don’t get back into a normal routine until February! This year though, I want to start getting into a routine this week.

The first thing in setting a new routine is a To-do List. It’s different from resolutions, which I always think are doomed to fail. Here is my 2019 To-Do List:

  1. Declutter 2019 things from my house in 2019.
  2. Finish the projects that were optional in my photography course last year, and join a local photography group.
  3. Study Spanish for a minimum of 15 minutes a day for the first four months.
  4. Plan a trip to Peru (and maybe some surrounding countries).
  5. Refocus attention on my two regular blogs.
  6. Earn some money somehow.
  7. Continue to lose weight through diet and exercise.
  8. See friends more often.
  9. Read more books.
  10. Start the To-Do List today.


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In January last year, I wrote some thoughts about how I wanted this year to be.  I figure it’s worth checking to see how I did.  I suspect it is pretty disastrous.  I know it is.  But I’m going to report anyway.

  1. First, the perennials  :  lose weight, get fitter, keep house tidy, drink less (well, no, not really – but perhaps drink only when I really want to/enjoy what I’m drinking), save money or win Lotto.  Well, I did tidy up the house a bit, and we did drink less.  The rest – well, I was fitter in the middle of the year but not now, as my own middle has expanded somewhat and I’m working hard at the gym to stop that expansion.  Spent too much money on our South Africa trip, and that darn Lotto win continues to elude me, and I did try rather hard this year.
  1. Do something more public with my writing.  Hmmm.  Mission accomplished.  Sort of.  Need to do more.
  2. Finish Writing Project A.  Mission not accomplished, because I discovered Writing Project B.  Neither Project A nor Project B are finished, though I have out a deadline of March for Project B.
  3. Change Travelalphablog into something new when I finish this round of the alphabet.  Mission not accomplished.  Travelalphablog in sad state of neglect.
  4. Make more money.  Nope.  Nada.  What I did make we spent.  Shift to 2013 list.
  5. Improve my Spanish / Chinese (depending on where we decide to go next).  Yes.  Worked on my Spanish a little bit.  Not enough.
  6. Ring my mother more often.  No and yes.  Getting better on that.
  7. Play the piano more. (So that means getting it tuned, too.)   Complete and utter Fail.
  8. Have more patience.  Well – my husband would say I was terrible at this, but on other matters I was better.  So – a tie?
  9. Find a bunch of new recipes – and make them.  Yes.  Sort of.  Though the new recipes are those of the local takeaway shops.  Making them consists of a) speed dial to the pizza shop, or b) sending husband off to fetch them.  I did receive two new recipe books for Christmas though, so I have high hopes for this year.
  10. Finish all those home maintenance jobs we’ve been putting off for so long.  Mission begun, but not yet accomplished.
  11. Be more sociable.  Mission not accomplished.  Status deteriorated.
  12. Walk.  Yes.  A little.  Not enough though.
  13. Photograph.  Yes.  A lot. Want to do more.
  14. Be happy.  Yes.  Reasonably.  But I still let stress get the best of me.

* (I think I drafted this with the 21st Dec in mind, hence the title.)

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