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Microblog_MondaysIt is election time again here in New Zealand, and on Saturday (if we haven’t already voted in advance) we go to the polls to choose our government for the next three years. This year, technology is managing to shield me from the often annoying election campaign.  I rarely watch live television, so I miss the regular news or current events programmes with leader debates, and even the regular party advertising. I’m comfortable with that though, because – through national radio, the newspapers, and internet reading – I keep myself well informed.

But young people these days don’t listen to National Radio, get the newspaper delivered, or watch TV.  So how do they, and new voters in particular, inform themselves about the election, the candidates, the policies, the implications of different vote choices? Do they actively go out and find the information? Or are they largely oblivious to the election campaign, blissful in their ignorance?

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