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I missed Thursday’s Treelove post, but figure it won’t matter if I’m a few days late. Driving into the city last week, and walking around our suburb, I noticed that the pohutukawa trees are bursting into bloom. As a child, I read in books that they are known as New Zealand’s Christmas Trees, but I had never seen one except in books. You see, they only occur naturally in the northern half of the North Island, and I grew up in the southern half of the South Island.

These days, they are planted all over the place, and they prosper too. They are everywhere in Wellington, and I’ve often written about them. I’m sorry if I am repetitive, but their vibrant red blooms never fail to bring me joy, and I want to bring that joy to you. I use them for Christmas cards, and I even use them as my seasonal header on this blog!

So here’s just one of the trees. I snapped it on the east coast of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, and wrote about our search for pohutukawa in bloom here.

I’ll try and get some shots of a group of trees in flower before the end of the year, for another Tree post, because it is a sight worth seeing.

Pohutukawa in flower

One or two pohutukawa trees did oblige with flowers

Another Thursday Treelove post, if a little late.

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