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Yesterday I finished a major project. It was the third of the photobooks I have created from our trip earlier this year to Iceland, the Baltic, and Norway. I’m very proud of it, as our photos from Norway in particular are beautiful. It would almost be impossible to visit Norway and come away without beautiful photos. Some of my favourite photographs were taken out the front of the car as we were driving, and some required a bit more thought or design; here are just a few.

Fjaerlandfjord, with boats in the foreground and snow on the mountains

Fjaerlandfjord, from our beautiful hotel, is the cover of our Norway photobook

A bookshelf on Fjaerlandfjord, with Boyabreen glacier behind

Mundal, on Fjaerlandfjord, is an international book town

The Geiranger-Trollstigen national scenic tourist route, surrounded in snow

The Geiranger-Trollstigen national scenic tourist route

Fb reminded me that this time last year I had already booked our flights and the Baltic cruise, and I was right in the middle of researching and planning our travel. I realised last night that, on and off, I’d spent a year planning and organising our trip, being on the trip, or completing photobooks after the trip. Of course, those aren’t the only things I have been doing, but I do feel that now I have some real space to think about other things. It’s time to move onto other long-neglected projects, and you know, that’s quite an exciting thought.



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January 2009

The days are long, but never long enough. There is so much I want to do, before work and life encroaches and before I know it, the year is over again. And it’s starting already, with client meetings and phone calls this morning. Argh!

  1. Organise my office and spare room
  2. Scan slides from 1981 in Thailand. Haven’t even unwrapped the new slide scanner yet to see if it works, and have hundreds of slides to go through, so it will take ages.
  3. Organise and order photobooks (my new latest discovery) for our trips to Marrakech, Spain, Europe, Thailand, and New Zealand, as well as my childhood and family photos (Note: will need to scan those in too). Will cost a fortune but would be great to have.
  4. Sell old furniture on Trade Me. (EBay was too slow to get to NZ, and enterprising young Sam Morgan beat them to it. He’s now worth a fortune. Sigh.)
  5. Choose a paint colour for the windowsills.
  6. Sand the windowsills. Oh joy, what fun. Sigh.
  7. Paint the windowsills.
  8. Choose and buy and pot plants for our existing deck … hopefully before the summer is over.
  9. Scrub and paint our extremely unappealing brick letter-box in a nice glossy black (Note: that’s been on my to do list the last 6 summers, so there’s not much chance of it happening).
  10. Organise building permit for the deck (Note: see above note).
  11. Organise builder for the deck (Note: See 9 above)
  12. Blog
  13. Work on my project
  14. Organise our anniversary
  15. Work stuff which if unmentioned will ensure that my summer holiday can last just a little longer
  16. Organise our trip to Africa later this year, though already, with the way the exchange rate is going, we have had to rule out my first choice destination and lodges. Sob. (I know, I’m a spoiled cow).
  17. Catch up with friends
  18. Paint (with an easel, no sanding required).
  19. Exercise (when I’ve recovered from my current lurgy).
  20. And most importantly, find time every afternoon to listen to these guys. For some reason, I have a feeling they would appeal to Deloney and Mrs S. They have a bit of an (aged) cult following here every January, every day from 12.30 to 5 pm NZ time. As they say, you can listen to them “on the interweb.” I still can’t get over them playing “this.”

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