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Normal programming

I’ve been self-employed, working from home, for over ten years now. (I’m closer to unemployed than self-employed since our long trip to Europe last year, but I’m working on that!)

Since I left work full-time, I’ve stuck to routines, and little rules:

  • I don’t sleep in during the week, unless I’m sick, no matter how much I want to.
  • I don’t read books during the day. (Very rarely, anyway).
  • I go to the gym first thing in the morning.
  • I don’t drink until after 5 pm (except on a Friday), even if the wine cellar is calling to me earlier.
  • I keep a weekend, allowing myself special treats during the weekend (watching a programme during the day, reading, sleeping, etc) that I don’t indulge in during the week.
  • I try to achieve something every day.
  • I go to bed at a semi-reasonable time during the week.

But since we’ve got home from Europe, with my husband at home too, it has been harder to stick to this routine. Every day feels like the weekend. And of course, we have had the Christmas and New Year break, which in New Zealand extends for several weeks beyond 1 January as our summer break.

Today is the first day that the country really “gets back to work.” Even the husband has started talking about job hunting, and I’ve felt inspired to get some work done. And so when I read on Facebook that a few hours ago, a friend had been relaxing on her Sunday morning in the US, I felt envious, commenting that of course here it was Monday.  I didn’t even register that it is a public holiday in our city today. Clearly, my routine is completely out of whack.  What day is it? Who cares!

Hopefully, tomorrow, normal programming will resume. I plan on heading off to the gym first thing.

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