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(Photo Blogging Day 17)

It was the evening of our first ever game drive, on safari in South Africa. We had flown to the Ngala Game Reserve on a small plane from Johannesburg. The flight  had taken well over an hour, and we had crossed from the Highveld across the Great Escarpment or Drakensburg (Dragon’s Mountains), the land falling away below us into the Lowveld and the vast plains of Kruger National Park. Within a few hours, we were on a jeep, marvelling at elephants and lions wild in the African bush, and only a few metres away from us.

As the sun began to sink behind the Drakensburg mountains, our jeep pulled up to a spot overlooking a waterhole full of hippos. (A day or two later, we watched the hippos copulate there; loudly.)  Dylan, our ranger, and Fani, our tracker, set up a cocktail bar, complete with tablecloth, ice, wine bottles and spirits. The sky glowed red and then darkened as we stood with new friends, drinking our G&Ts in the seemingly endless African bush with new friends. A tree full of vultures watched us. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.

Click on the panorama of the waterhole to see it in more detail – and to find the elephant in the shot.

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