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Years ago, I quit my job and became self-employed.  I was fed up with misogynist stereotypes and political game-playing.  I wanted to work for myself, explore my interests, learn what I was good at.  Apparently, I’m good at (for?) everything and nothing.  Disillusionment –it runs on a ten year cycle.


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The worst part of self-employment – well, apart from the boss, the pay, the lack of sick pay, and in fact the un-employment – is doing my own tax. And so, even when I put it off to the last minute (which is tomorrow), I still procrastinate.

Things I am doing or have already done today or still could do if I get really desperate, instead of doing my tax, include:

  1. Writing a blog post about procrastinating doing my tax
  2. Cleaning my desk, filing, and generally tidying my very untidy office
  3. Message a friend I haven’t seen for over 30 friends
  4. Ensure I am up to date on Facebook, because that can’t wait!
  5. Check my frequent flyer points totals in case they’ve grown overnight
  6. Email my travel agent
  7. Write an overdue letter to a friend who likes receiving real letters in the mail
  8. Join a new recipe site and go through a bunch of recipes and save them in my Cookbook
  9. Watch the pilot of Missing online
  10. Play Solitaire
  11. Write some more blog posts about the value of social networking
  12. Write some other stuff
  13. Check I’m up to date with blog reading
  14. Finish the daily Sudoku in the newspaper
  15. Read the newspaper
  16. Copy photos onto a disk for a friend
  17. Make another friend a birthday card
  18. Continue puzzling over the dilemma of where in the world I should celebrate my birthday
  19. Plan dinner
  20. Make dinner

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