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I love seeing friends’ lives on social media. I love seeing friends who are completely unrelated to each other share the same memes.

  • One might be a blogger in Florida sharing something an AFS friend living in Vermont has shared, or when the AFS friend in Vermont says something about the snow or mud or something that unconnected blogger Vermont friends have also referenced.
  • When the aforementioned blogger and my school friend from Waimate both see a rocket launch in Florida, and I can imagine them as neighbours.
  • When a friend in the UK shares something that was also shared by an unrelated friend I haven’t seen since 1981 at Bangkok’s Don Muang airport.
  • When nieces from different sides of the family who have never met comment on the same post, and start talking to each other.
  • I love getting the grammar comments or memes from a UK social worker friend, the AFS Vermont friend, and blogger friends in Vermont and Florida.
  • Or when a cousin I’ve seen only once or twice in 20-30 years shares something that I know a horsey friend in Leicestershire would love.
  • Etcetera.
  • I love seeing friends from different walks of life in NZ tramping* in our beautiful country, and it makes me stop for a minute and figure out if they know each other, because I know they’d like each other! Maybe they do? After all, NZ is a very small country.

I just love it when our lives collide. This for me is one of the gifts of social media. It’s less of a collision, and more of a like-minded merging. It makes the world seem a much smaller place. A place where our differences are so much smaller than we might think. A better, kinder, more welcoming place.

* hiking

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I heard the other day that a media commentator was predicting the obsolescence of the written word on social media in just a few years, replaced instead by small videos.

I shuddered.

Okay, I might want to see some, because I would love to see (and hear) my international friends and family in a small video, to feel more connected to them, but they need to be interspersed with words, written words, too. I wouldn’t be recording small videos to make my posts either – I don’t do selfies, so I’m hardly like to do selfie-videos.

I check social media and other online sites when I’m doing other things, or when I’m already listening to spoken words or watching people or images, or in public places where playing video isn’t appropriate. I want to be able to scan something quickly (an article, a post, a recipe), and decide if I want to return to it later, or give it my full attention now, but I can’t preview a video, instead I’m reliant on the pace, the content, and the volume that are all set by someone else. Videos take the control away from me, and I already dislike their growing prevalence.

Do you prefer words or video?

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Facebook killed blog comments. I looked back about eight years recently, and it was so lovely to see who was commenting on my blogs. Fortunately, many of this small group of people I first met on my blogs are still around on social media, so I still see what’s going on in their lives. But many are no longer writing or commenting, not even on the blogs of their real-life friends. I blame Fb, as well as mobile devices that make it hard to comment, so I doubly appreciate the comments I do receive when I know it would be so easy to just read and move on.

But on the bright side, there are two young men (okay, boys) in my life who are currently on holiday with their parents. They’re each keeping a blog. I’m getting to see some of my favourite places through their eyes, and it’s wonderful.



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