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January Projects

I seem to be collecting new projects this January, but not the ones I should be focusing on.

  1. I’m now a week into my year of blogging daily, using word limits each month, over here at x365 Take Two.
  2. I’ve just signed up for a photography course, as recommended by a friend. The first lesson has blown me away, and I hope the rest are as easy to understand.
  3. I’ve copied the lovely Indigo Bunting who did this last year, and I’ve started a project to declutter 2018 things from my house in 2018. So far, I’ve thrown away five things, which means I’m already 39 things behind schedule, but I figure there’s time. Do you think discarding a project would count towards the 2018 total, and would a x365 project count as 365 things?
  4. Theoretically, I’m also going to try to delete 2018 emails, but that seems futile, because they just keep coming.

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My favourite things

I recently was reminded of Oprah’s annual giveaway to her audience of her favourite things. I thought how lucky she was to get to give to others some of the things that make her happy. How fabulous that would be?

And so I got to thinking. If I was a billionaire media mogul, what favourite things would I give away to you, my audience?

  • Le Creuset cookware. There’s some stuffed with lamb shanks and prunes in the oven right now.
  • Victorinox knife. I still love it.
  • My blue Sequoia handbag from Bello. The guys in Bello have exquisite taste. And I have often drooled over the French handbags they source on their regular buying trips to Paris. Last year, I treated myself. And I love it.
  • Antipodes Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream. I’ve raved about this before.
  • An e-reader or iPad. Having used these now for a year, I love them both. I will blog again about them I’m sure.
  • A selection of my own, personal (home-made) cards – printed with flowers and animals from my travels – and a beautiful pen
  • A picnic basket from Moore Wilsons, comprising: smoked mussel pate, red capsicum dip, Le Canard’s duck rillete, Panadoro Turkish bread, Evansdale brie, a chocolate vegan raspberry cake, and some macarons
  • A bottle of organic Kawarau Estate Reserve Pinot Noir (my friends own the vineyard, and they do export ) and some Man O War Chardonnay (my favourite)
  • A safari at Ngala or Ulusaba

I realise that I’d already blogged about many of my favourite things. It’s nice to see they’re withstanding the tests of time.

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