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(The result of a  blatant dare from Indigo Bunting)

  1. Cooked a lobster 
  2. Plaited my hair
  3. Gone to church (when it wasn’t a special event  – wedding/funeral/christening/Girl Guide visit – or  not as a tourist)
  4. Had a threesome
  5. Sung willingly in public
  6. Been on a ski-lift
  7. Gone skinny-dipping (with anyone other than my husband, or the women in the spa pool at the gym)
  8. Owned a dog (my father’s farm dogs don’t count)
  9. Tramped* the Milford Track  – or any other track for that matter (Cinque Terre doesn’t count)
  10. Had a stand-up yelling argument with anyone not married to or related to me
  11. Remembered the brilliant item for this list that I thought up on Wednesday evening and promptly forgot.

* Hiked (for North Americans)

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