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After my (very legitimate) rant of last week, I thought I’d write about things that made me happy today:

  • The huge wasp (the biggest I’ve ever seen) that I discovered in the house this afternoon obediently flew out the door when I opened it.
  • I managed to get to my favourite supermarket this morning before the lunch rush.
  • I received a package from some printers. After years of printing my own greeting cards with my own photos, always customised to suit the recipient, I can’t find any stockists of blank printable cards any more. And the ones I could find on the internet cost an absolute fortune. I’ve used an online printing company to make my Christmas cards previously, but I didn’t want a run of 10 or 20 cards all the same. But I discovered a printer that allows you to mix and match, for the same price. So in a print run of 50 cards, I could use 25 different designs. Yay! They arrived today, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out. So if you want something similar, I recommend Moo Print (http://www.moo.com).
  • It’s a lovely winter day, and I enjoyed a good walk this morning.
  • The house is clean, and (or because) I have friends coming for dinner tonight.
  • There is wine in the fridge!

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My last four weeks or so have been very much focused on end-of-life issues and death, and even my x365 blog project has Horror and Suspense as its October theme, so today, I want to focus on some things that make me happy:

  • Pasta and Chardonnay nights have started again for the summer
  • I’ve lost a bit of weight, though I have a long way to go, at least the scale is going in the right direction
  • I’ve been saving for a new lens on my camera, and have got enough for one of two lenses I like the look of, but I can’t decide.
  • My husband seems to have decided on where he wants to go for his big birthday-with-a-zero next year, and so finally I get to look forward to it and have fun planning.
  • I found a new recipe for an orange cake, and have made it twice in recent times, and it is delicious.
  • Every year about this time we have two visiting geese that pass through our valley, and I heard them the other morning again.
  • I’ve had a really slow reading year this year, but currently I’m reading two books which I am enjoying, and it is a pleasure!

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Chatting with my AFS friends on social media, whether it is about politics or travel or recipes. We said goodbye when we were still teenagers, but we’re forever bonded by our common experiences in Thailand, and I love that.

An email from Helen, a regular commenter and former blogger, who even when she says she has lost her writing mojo, comes up with a phrase like this (and I am sure she won’t mind me quoting her):

“… b) After trying on the leggings at home (I bought them at a craft show where there wasn’t a change room), I have vowed never to wear them outside the house, even in the event of a fire where I’m wearing them and don’t have time to change my clothes.”

This is also a wonderful Helenism (and no, Grammarly, I don’t mean  Hellenism):

“… shouldn’t the word to refer to a “palindrome” be itself a palindrome? Somebody completely missed the boat (probably a kayak) on that one.”

I love seeing the variety of people who might comment or like a post or photo of mine on social media. A recent post’s first responses came from my cousin’s cousin, my SIL’s (and our) university friend in Malaysia, an AFS friend from Thailand I haven’t seen for 35+ years, my American niece I haven’t seen (except for Skype) for over seven years, my AFS sister from Thailand, and a British blogger living in California whom I have never met. That just makes me smile.

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  1. Knowing that the major bookings for our trip later in the year have now been made, and feeling the resultant reduction in stress.
  2. AND I found a rain jacket (necessary for the above-mentioned trip), with a removable fleece lining, on sale in the weekend, in a shop we just happened to walk past.
  3. My new passport arrived in record time, so I had no time to feel trapped down here at the ends of the earth.
  4. There’s some homemade fresh strawberry ice-cream in the freezer, and some fresh berries in the fridge, ready to go with it.
  5. Thinking about playing around with my camera (even though attempts last night to photograph the moon were disastrous).
  6. I’ve been able to write and bank (for future) some blog posts.
  7. I’m finally trying a recipe I’ve drooled over since first seeing it on The Great British Bake-off, and I have hopes it will be yummy (and yes, I will report on it if it is any good).
  8. Summer made a flying visit today (even though it seems to have gone back into hiding, where it has been all season, this evening).

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