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On the driveway side of our house, we have two large macrocarpa trees. There used to be more, just on the other side of our fence, that provided good protection to our house. But neighbours have chopped down two or three of them, exposing the house to southerly winds and rains. We’re now going to have to do some renovations to our entranceway.

We know that the last two macrocarpa trees are living on borrowed time. A previous owner of our house has pruned them, making them a rather unusual shape. Whilst some branches are still lush and green, other branches are not so healthy. The trunk of one of the trees has a diameter of at least a metre, perhaps two. It’s a very old tree, and on its last legs.

But I’ve come to love the protection from that tree, and the fact that it is home to many tui and other birds. More recently, the kaka have been quite destructive, ripping off the bark searching for a dinner of the insects living underneath.

Macrocarpa trees are everywhere in New Zealand. They’re an introduced species, and – in writing this and googling their origin – I have only just learned that they are called Monterey cypress and come from central California! So thanks to Thursday treelove for teaching me something new. They’re a common tree in rural New Zealand particularly, and there was a stand of them just behind our house on the farm where I grew up. They’re less common in cities, simply because of their size. But there are a few in our suburb. I’ll probably feature one near me which I love on another Thursday treelove post.

These are ours:




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When we bought our house, there was one scrawny cabbage tree in our lower garden.  It barely reached our living area deck, but in recent years, once it reached a decent height, it has shot up. It has also split from its long trunk and finally has a few different branches. I loved it when I could see it through my kitchen window. And in more recent years, it’s now level with our bedroom window upstairs. Soon it will outgrow that too.

Cabbage trees or Ti Kouka are a NZ native tree. We see them everywhere, and they always make me smile. So having one in my own garden is special. Even if it is, in fact, very common.

P1100960 cabbage tree house


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Other people’s blogging and photography projects have inspired me again this year, but I’ve already completely missed capturing photos of local art around the city for February. (And apologise to Travelcraft Journal for missing it.) I’ve been frustrated by just being busy, by commitments to others, and by the weather. Oh yes, and on the few times I’ve had time and opportunity to do it, by my memory!

But today I want to try something new again. Happiness and Food has a regular item about trees. I love trees – they provide shelter, and drama through our windows, and they are home to my beloved tui and other birds. So this month, I’m going to start with the oak tree on the corner of our deck. It’s where the kaka play and copulate (occasionally, they haven’t visited the tree for a while), and where the tui love to sit and flit around, always flying off just when I grab my camera. It’s where we sit for shade on summer evenings when it is perfect to sit outside for a drink. In winter it is sculptural, and in summer it just adds to the green I see looking out the window. In autumn, I mourn as the last leaves disappear, and in spring I watch the buds eagerly for the first new, green leaf. And in the last year or two, as I’ve been learning how to use my camera properly, it has been the perfect subject on which to practise.

I didn’t like the tree when we first moved to this house, but now I couldn’t imagine the house without it.

These are photos I’ve taken previously:




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