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I’m going to drip-feed a few travel stories from my trip, but I need more than eight sentences, so won’t be doing it on Mondays. I wrote a first story on the weekend here (The Great Puffin Hunt), and may continue writing on a new travel blog.

Yes, I know I have been procrastinating about restarting a travel blog for a long time, but the thing is, it is all bound up with procrastination over relaunching a travel business (designing custom-made itineraries for travellers) that I started many years ago. Back then, at the same time that I was starting to get clients, I also began getting a lot more (and better paid) consulting work that took all my time and energy. Consequently, my fledgling little business was sadly neglected and has effectively been put on hold for the last decade or so.

Times have changed, and whilst there is much more information available on the internet now to assist travellers, it can also be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming, so I still believe there is a market out there. I’m almost ready to relaunch it now, but I am still figuring a few things out, at the same time trying to boost my confidence. So at this stage, all I can say is watch this space.



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Maybe this “blog every day in November” thing wasn’t such a good idea. Yesterday, things got in the way, then in the evening, when I had time to write a paragraph or two, my brain wouldn’t work and decided to pain me considerably when I tried to use it. (I suspect too much screen time yesterday is to blame). It is harder back here in the real world, when I don’t have obvious topics to talk about – the latest World Heritage Site, or visiting a new country. In many ways, travel blogging is easy blogging. Whilst I tried to avoid the “first I went here, then I went there, etc” type of post, the topics still presented themselves. Anything new, different, interesting, or beautiful was stored away as a potential blog post. It was a different way of remembering – physical and visual memories of being somewhere, seeing something. Whereas blogging at home is often mental – thinking of an idea, or wanting to talk about topics in the media. Trying (and failing) to remember what that brilliant blog topic was that I thought of as I was driving back from the supermarket. I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things. in the meantime I will persevere. In the hope of course that practice will make perfect.

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