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  1. I signed up for emails from a minimalist site, and it cluttered up my inbox, so I unsubscribed.
  2. Travel photos that are over-saturated in editing, and make beautiful places look completely fake. The Cinque Terre villages in Italy are frequent victims of this; compare the different photos here and see what I mean.
  3. Or travel photos and even postcards on sale that are very obviously photoshopped. You can’t believe what you see anymore, and I hate that!
  4. The dog person vs cat person divide (though I have to admit that I’m really a cat person.)
  5. Bloggers who promote their own communities by bringing in new users, but never give back by visiting other blogs, or by paying tribute to others working in the same area.
  6. Struggling to find topics for Microblog Mondays, because it’s hard to keep a post to eight sentences.

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Yesterday I finished a major project. It was the third of the photobooks I have created from our trip earlier this year to Iceland, the Baltic, and Norway. I’m very proud of it, as our photos from Norway in particular are beautiful. It would almost be impossible to visit Norway and come away without beautiful photos. Some of my favourite photographs were taken out the front of the car as we were driving, and some required a bit more thought or design; here are just a few.

Fjaerlandfjord, with boats in the foreground and snow on the mountains

Fjaerlandfjord, from our beautiful hotel, is the cover of our Norway photobook

A bookshelf on Fjaerlandfjord, with Boyabreen glacier behind

Mundal, on Fjaerlandfjord, is an international book town

The Geiranger-Trollstigen national scenic tourist route, surrounded in snow

The Geiranger-Trollstigen national scenic tourist route

Fb reminded me that this time last year I had already booked our flights and the Baltic cruise, and I was right in the middle of researching and planning our travel. I realised last night that, on and off, I’d spent a year planning and organising our trip, being on the trip, or completing photobooks after the trip. Of course, those aren’t the only things I have been doing, but I do feel that now I have some real space to think about other things. It’s time to move onto other long-neglected projects, and you know, that’s quite an exciting thought.


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(Photo Blogging Day 6)

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. My parents took photographs on special occasions only. I remember my mother with an old box brownie camera, though they updated to a film camera later. Years went by and we didn’t have photographs taken, except for the obligatory school and class photographs, dancing photos, and those in sports teams or at sports events. I can’t think of a single photo of the whole family together when we were children. I compare this to Charlie, who is a pro at posing, though I guess having a photographer mother is a help. But it just wasn’t something that ever came naturally to me.

Hence my aversion to photographs. I don’t mind taking photos if I have veto rights over whether they are ever seen by another living being or not. But in general, I try not to be in too many. I prefer to be behind the camera.

When we travel, we tend to travel alone – my husband will take the occasional photograph of me, and I’ll photograph him more regularly. On the rare occasion we’ve been with friends, we might get a photo of the two of us. We met friends in Poland in 2013, and they took some good ones – photos I actually took copies of and sent to my mother and gave to my in-laws! That is rare indeed.

Usually we get photos together if we’ve asked a waiter to take a photo at a restaurant, or if we’ve taken a photo of another couple of tourists, and they’ve offered to take one of us. But getting someone else to take a photo of you is risky. We got someone to take a nice one of us in Gibraltar, after I’d taken a perfect one of them (if I do say so myself). I set it up for them, but of course, then they moved and lost the angle of the rock, which was the whole point of the picture. Sigh.

Gibraltar rock pixelate

How often are you in photos?

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