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Yesterday I finished a major project. It was the third of the photobooks I have created from our trip earlier this year to Iceland, the Baltic, and Norway. I’m very proud of it, as our photos from Norway in particular are beautiful. It would almost be impossible to visit Norway and come away without beautiful photos. Some of my favourite photographs were taken out the front of the car as we were driving, and some required a bit more thought or design; here are just a few.

Fjaerlandfjord, with boats in the foreground and snow on the mountains

Fjaerlandfjord, from our beautiful hotel, is the cover of our Norway photobook

A bookshelf on Fjaerlandfjord, with Boyabreen glacier behind

Mundal, on Fjaerlandfjord, is an international book town

The Geiranger-Trollstigen national scenic tourist route, surrounded in snow

The Geiranger-Trollstigen national scenic tourist route

Fb reminded me that this time last year I had already booked our flights and the Baltic cruise, and I was right in the middle of researching and planning our travel. I realised last night that, on and off, I’d spent a year planning and organising our trip, being on the trip, or completing photobooks after the trip. Of course, those aren’t the only things I have been doing, but I do feel that now I have some real space to think about other things. It’s time to move onto other long-neglected projects, and you know, that’s quite an exciting thought.


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(Photo Blogging Day 20)

I am reposting (because I’m lazy) something I wrote several years ago, on exactly this topic:

So, I hear you asking, what do you do with all those photos?

Well, first I back up. I have heard too many horror stories of people losing all their photos when their laptop crashes, or a disc is corrupted, or I remember the case of one guy I worked with who complained to his IT department that his work laptop was too slow. They cleaned out the c: drive, and deleted all his family photos for the last two years. He hadn’t backed them up anywhere else!

So I have all my photos them on discs, or portable hard drives, as well as my laptop. A photographer we talked to recently recommended storing all photos on gold discs, because they don’t deteriorate in the way a normal CD/DVD does.

But mostly, I want to see my photographs – because they’re not just photographs, they’re memories. I want to use them on cards (as I’ve mentioned previously here and here), or put them on my wall.

And I’ve recently discovered that some photographs look even better on canvas. (I know I’ve posted a photo before, but this time it’s actually on the wall.)

Sure, my house is covered with memories of my travels. But I don’t have photos of kids, do I?

And I make photobooks. I have a confession to make. I am in love with photobooks. I have spent far too many hours making my photobooks. I have grand plans of finishing editing all my 1980 AFS photos, and of editing old family photos, and making separate photobooks of these. Those plans have been on hold. But I’m about to start again with my Turkey photos, so maybe the inspiration will continue to those other projects too. I find it tiring, exhilarating and, as there is no such thing as the perfect picture, frustrating. My eyesight will no doubt deteriorate further. It will be fun!

Since I wrote that in 2011, I have added seven new photobooks to my collection. Six are travel photobooks, and one is a family album. I still have plans to make books with old scanned photos, but haven’t done it yet. I’ll get there one day.

photobooks 2015 ©

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