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There are some days when the colours seem brighter, the air fresher, and the earth and sea and sky seem more alive. Today is one of those days. Yesterday we had mild temperatures, but the day was quiet, with mist hanging around at the top of the valley, dampening noise, spirits, and – in my case at least – activity.

But this morning, Monday greeted us with the brightest of greens, and the bluest of blue sky. Temperatures are warmer too, edging into almost-summer temperatures (high teens/low 20s C) here in Wellington, though elsewhere in the country they are getting full-fledged mid-summer temperatures this week. We drove out to visit my father-in-law on the road that edges the shore (tracking the fault-line), and the harbour looked glorious.

As often happens at this time of year, Wellingtonians desperate for summer to arrive over-estimated the temperature. The Husband was happy in shorts and a T-shirt, but I saw many women in summery, sleeveless tops, and one even in a boob-tube (tube top). I had to smile at this optimism, this wholehearted embracing of temperatures that tell us to get out of our winter coats and woollen tops!

We stopped for lunch at a cafe on the way home, where people were enjoying their lunch outside in the sun, though forever cautious about UV rays and the damage they can do, we sat inside.

And on the drive home, even a pohutukawa tree was caught up in the exuberance of the season, beginning to flower several weeks earlier than usual. It reminded me that it will soon be time to change my blog header, to the vibrant red pohutukawa flowers of the season.

That said, the early flowering of the pohutukawa tree made me sad too. Climate change is urging it to bloom early. The warm temperatures we are experiencing have come from across the Tasman Sea from Australia, where they are suffering major, early bushfires that are destroying lives and livelihoods. The colourful sunsets that have resulted here are a sombre reminder that the beauty we see is a tragedy for others.


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This morning, on the sparkling blue sea in front of the gym, there were motorboats and jet-skis, and kids in a rubber dinghy being towed behind. The doors of the gym were wide open, and the breeze was still cool enough to provide some relief during my tough (for me at least) workout.

One of my favourite cafés, where I had been intending to stop for a coffee, was surrounded by multiple fire engines when I drove past this morning, meaning I had to change my coffee plans, and may need to for days to come.

So I went straight to Fidel’s, where I was meeting a friend for lunch in an hour or so, and enjoyed a flat white outside in the courtyard, using the time to begin preparations for some interviews I will be conducting over the next month or so.

Then, when I met my friend for lunch, she showed me a photo on her phone of her son standing on the harbour paddle boarding, commenting along the lines of “you can’t beat Wellington on a good day.

She also had some wise advice based on recent happenings, including a) when tramping (hiking) in the bush (forest), never perform ablutions at night near a sheer cliff, when at best you’ll smash your ankle and at worst you could lose your life, and b) take a few seconds when crossing the road to check the bus, that appears to be slowing down, is not in fact speeding up to beat the red light.

It’s a gorgeous day, and too hot to cook, so I’ve decided that tonight we’re going to have a mixed platter of cheese and smoked salmon and paté and aubergine dip and salad ingredients for dinner, which will be washed down with some sauvignon blanc, or perhaps a rosé.

So I guess I’d better go and put the wine in the fridge.


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