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Whilst I usually make my own pasta sauces, I do have a favourite commercial sauce that I have been buying for some years now. It’s nothing special – a simple tomato sauce, useful for when I want something quickly. Except that now it seems the manufacturers have discontinued it, keeping the other tomato sauce (of the same brand) that I don’t like nearly as much.

I have a large blister on the bottom of each foot, developed after I a) wore relatively new sandals into the city last week, and then b) had to race back to my carpark when I realised I was running/had run out of time on the meter.

Political discussions amongst friends and their friends on Fb, whilst interesting, are going to make my head explode. I’m torn between a) reading them, exposing myself to alternative opinions but risking raising my blood pressure/heart rate/stress levels, and b) ignoring them, sticking to a variety of respected news outlets, and losing that personal understanding of politics and motivations.

This summer hasn’t really been summer for those of us in Wellington yet, as we have been tormented by spring conditions – low temperatures, and high winds.

But fortunately there is almost always a bright side, and these are:

  1. I generally like my own pasta sauces (including recipes received from fellow bloggers) better than the bought ones
  2. My blisters are healing, and I didn’t get a parking ticket, and
  3. Today is a lovely sunny day, as predicted by a spectacular sunset last night (photographed from my deck).




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The entire country has had a stretch of good weather, including Wellington, and we’ve been wanting to take advantage of it. So yesterday we headed out for a picnic, and only 15 minutes after leaving home we found the perfect spot – pohutukawa trees provided shelter, the tide was in, and Mr Whippy was parked nearby.

We unpacked the bacon and egg pie, put on our hats, I sprayed on some sun protection, and we enjoyed the sun. We watched paddle-boarders come and go, kayakers, swimmers, and further out on the estuary there were jet-skis and motor-boats. A young fellow explored on his tricycle, his father keeping a cautious eye on him, a single man sat under the tree enjoying his ice-cream, and a large Polynesian family arrived with their picnic, the kids taking straight to the water, the teenager paddling whilst glued to her cellphone. This scene was echoed at hundreds (thousands) of bays and coves all over the city, the region, the country.

Sunday picnic

Sunday picnic at Pauatahanui inlet

This morning, on another beautiful day, I stopped at the Boat Café for a coffee after a physiotherapy treatment and gym workout. Most people may be back at work, but there is still very much a holiday feel to the city; it seemed that half of Wellington had flocked to Oriental Bay, for the sand, the gelato, the blue blue water, and the uncharacteristically warm sun.

Here’s a bonus song for you:

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