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(The 18th in a continuing series)

  • A heart full of love and enthusiasm is vulnerable, but the love is worth it
  • Life isn’t fair*
  • Never complain about being normal. Some people aspire to it.
  • Having bacon every day is not so bad either.
  • We have to be brave (and prepared) when technology lets us down
  • The best Aunts and Uncles spoil you
  • There is fun to be had when devices are absent (voluntarily or involuntarily).

* I knew that one, but it’s worth remembering

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(the sixth in a continuing series)

  • You can find beauty in a weed and a flower
  • Some beautiful things hurt (roses have thorns)
  • Swimming is great exercise
  • A good teacher is to be cherished
  • Chocolate tastes better when it is shared
  • Learning is always fun
  • A good vocabulary is important, whether you are 5 or 50 – and words like symmetrical and startle are fun to say
  • Life isn’t fair

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