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My old friends CJ, Toby and Sam, Josh and Donna, Charlie, Leo and the President, have come to stay in my living room. Usually tucked away in the TV cabinet, but of late their voices have grown noisy, clamouring to be let out. And I’ve missed them, so was only too happy to invite them back. They’re not content to be left unattended, always saying “what’s next?” They are demanding guests with their earnestness, unending energy, knowledge, wit and good writing. They distract me; even though I know their stories, know their flaws, and their jokes, know that they require attention, and of course, that’s what they get. Attention, and yes, love. How could I deny them?

I curl up on the couch, and enjoy an hour or two of their company at a time. When I feel guilty, chores find their way to the living room, allowing my visit with my friends and heroes to last just a little longer.

I’m not getting enough sleep. And more importantly, my writing is neglected.

On the bright side, my ironing is just about all finished.

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