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A birthday tree

As noted in my previous post, this time last year I was touring the South Island with the Husband. The autumn colours were fabulous, and I snapped away happily. I’ve hardly seen any autumn colours this year, thanks to living in evergreen Wellington, with the exception of the oak tree outside my kitchen/dining windows.

One year ago today, the Husband and I headed to a popular vineyard café near Arrowtown for a late breakfast/brunch to celebrate his birthday. Winter had arrived that week, and it was freezing, so we walked past the outdoor tables and headed for the warm indoors, where good coffee and food and a fire awaited us. But on the way in and out, I delighted in this tree, catching the morning light.

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Every summer I buy a basil plant, and nurture it on the kitchen bench in a pot a good friend gave me. She was the one who taught me when and how much to water it, and I rarely have a failure. This year, my $4.99 plant has lasted for months. But the other night, the temperature plummeted, and it now looks a bit limp. When the basil days begin to end, you know summer is on its way out.

Summer has been good though. We’ve had picnics and ice-creams, more barbecues and drinks on the deck than we can remember, and plenty of lovely warm days. I’ve made my tomato relish, and I’ve enjoyed summer veges and salads and fruit. But it is time for it all to go. I wasn’t ready in March to say good-bye to summer, but it is April, and now it is time.

Daylight saving has switched, and the sun is now disappearing behind the hills to my west around 6 pm. There’s a different tone to the light, it is softer, though the sun still packs a punch if I’m standing or sitting in it. But the seasons are changing. The leaves are turning. The oak tree by our deck is the only tree on our property that loses its leaves. The tree all over is developing a yellowy tint, and some leaves have already leapt fully into an autumn golden glow. Does that mean it is time to change my blog header? Maybe not quite yet, but soon.

Due to lack of closet/drawer space, I often swap out seasonal clothes about twice a year, and it is time to start the process now. I know if I do it too soon, there will be a lovely warm day and I’ll have to go and hunt up something cooler to wear. But it is time to start moving out the sun-frocks and shorts etc, making way for jeans and longer sleeves. I noticed this morning that there are some favourite tops I’ve hardly worn this summer. Is it because I’ve avoided going out a lot the last two months? Or do I need to cull my wardrobe? It would be nice to have more space. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that. As I do every autumn.

Finally, it is Easter this weekend. The supermarkets are full of hot cross buns (though they’ve been there since January!) and chocolate Easter eggs. Easter is often perfect for seasonal baking, and the beginning of the winter comfort food, which makes the arrival of autumn easier to take. Though if I’m honest, I think autumn is my favourite season, once I can shake off the disappointment of losing summer. By Easter, I’ve usually been able to do that, and fully embrace the change of light and the lower temperatures, and the lower UV index. I’m looking forward to baking some hot cross buns later this week. And maybe this weekend will be cool enough for some red wine and a hearty stew. Autumn – bring it on.

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We stopped on the side of the road to catch some views. Autumn willows in the distance, the plains stretching out and the mountains beyond. The husband snapped this tree from the car. I confess that I am a little annoyed that it is better than mine! The light was perfect in the autumn afternoon. This tree, an exotic species from Europe, has made its home in the Mackenzie Country in our South Island. With hot summers, and freezing winters, it probably feels quite at home, though maybe rather lonely sitting there all on its own. Still, it made me smile.

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