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(The 18th in a continuing series)

  • A heart full of love and enthusiasm is vulnerable, but the love is worth it
  • Life isn’t fair*
  • Never complain about being normal. Some people aspire to it.
  • Having bacon every day is not so bad either.
  • We have to be brave (and prepared) when technology lets us down
  • The best Aunts and Uncles spoil you
  • There is fun to be had when devices are absent (voluntarily or involuntarily).

* I knew that one, but it’s worth remembering


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(The 17th in a continuing series)

  • It’s good to be enthusiastic about things we love, whether we win or not.
  • Good manners and gratitude take us a long way.
  • When we love our pets, we get the love back.
  • Stand up to bullies, because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Cocktails (or mocktails) can make us happy, and should be savoured.
  • It’s worth taking pride in our appearance, especially on special occasions.
  • Writing to your penpals is important.
  • I’m more like my sister than I realise.

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(The 16th in a continuing series)

I am currently visiting Charlie and her parents and Jeff and Cloud (the dog and cat respectively) and have been exposed to her unique 8-year-old thought processes.

  • “Donald Trump is an idiot, because he is.”
  • Answering questions from your aunt AMA mother is not nearly as interesting as dancing like a cat to “I’m sexy and you know it.”
  • Pets are to be loved, played with, and ignored at your pleasure.
  • Art galleries are worth visiting
  • Virtual reality is awesome because “you don’t have to use controls you just use your head.”
  • A good library is a great discovery.
  • Delayed gratification is a terrible idea.

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(The 15th in a continuing series)

Charlie visited again a week ago, but this time, for the first time, without her parents (though they were only across the city attending meetings and staying in a hotel), and so it was an adventure for all of us, but a successful one we all hope to repeat again, when I can learn new things, such as:

  • Biscuits taste better when we’ve iced them together, but …
  • That meat really was “in serious need of gravy!”
  • Quiet time is just as important as adventures.
  • It’s better to do things in the morning when you’re awake and enthusiastic, than later in the day when you’re tired.
  • Sometimes, if you have bad news, it is best to ease into it.
  • Te Papa is always awesome, no matter how many times we go, but it’s even better when we have no time limit.
  • Exercise is good, no matter what the temperature.

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(The 14th in a continuing series)

  • It doesn’t matter if you do something that’s unusual or a bit weird, because that’s you and that’s good.
  • Quirky clothing (eg. hoodies with cats ears) is fun.
  • I should trust her judgement. “It’s going to be awesome,” she whispered, as Pete’s Dragon started, and she was right.
  • Practising your hand-eye coordination will give you skills.
  • Strawberry ice-cream and a very very good chocolate cake is a good combination.
  • Best friends are to be cherished.
  • So are aunts.

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What Charlie Taught Me

Things Charlie

(The 13th in a continuing series)

In December, I was lucky enough to spend time with Charlie on four separate occasions. These are the lessons she taught me (or reminded me of) this time.

  • Cystic fibrosis is tough on both the kids who have it and their parents
  • But don’t let the feeding tubes or intravenous antibiotics stop you from enjoying life (or climbing trees, or running and jumping)
  • Playing soccer with your aunt and uncle is fun – who needs rules?
  • It’s easy to meet new friends if you love dogs
  • Good things come to those who wait (ie eventually your parents – or aunts – will cave)
  • Sandcastle building is an art form
  • Window shopping, ultimately, is dissatisfying
  • You’re never too young to learn good driving habits
  • Tell the people you love that you love them
  • Hugs are restorative
  • Write. Be bold, and write books. With illustrations.

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… because my brain isn’t really working this week.

  1. We just had a lovely weekend with my sister and Charlie visiting (so there’s another What Charlie Taught Me post coming soon.)
  2. Something I heard recently that’s worth remembering at this time of year  – “Greed used to be embarrassing, but now it is celebrated.”
  3. 57% of New Zealanders (and I’m one of them) say that Christmas has no religious significance for them whatsoever.
  4. But as an end-of-year celebration, an opportunity to formally get together with family or friends, and a celebration of summer, I still enjoy it.
  5. Plus, my Christmas tree is pretty.
  6. I had my own card printed again this year, complete with original pohutukawa photo, but I have sent (and will send) a shockingly small number of cards this year.
  7. So if you don’t get a card from me, it’s nothing personal. Here’s my greeting for you all this season …

P1080075 pohutu merry sm

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