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We’ve had a very windy spring, and on calm days it has either been raining, or there have been reasons why I haven’t had time to walk. So I have spent a lot of time exercising inside, as my ears hurt and my eyes stream if I walk in the wind. I use a selection of videos, and have recently found one that steps and dances to Latin music, which has been fun (but made me feel very uncoordinated). So today, when I had the morning free, and there was absolutely no wind, I took a longer walk outside for the first time in ages. I didn’t puff up the hills, and my legs weren’t sore, so my inside dance and high-intensity-low-impact workouts have been paying off.

I didn’t walk over the hill to look down into the harbour, but instead wound my way around the back streets, avoiding the village shops (and café, so I wasn’t tempted by a coffee), and renewing my acquaintance with the gardens that have moved from their colourful spring flourishes into the lush green of early summer. The morning light was soft, but lit the branches of cabbage trees and pohutukawa highlighting their wiggly patterns and making me smile.

I smiled too as I passed the local kindergarten, to see the gate closed, and four little boys standing peering through the iron bars, looking just like mini-prisoners. Their freedom will come soon, as we move into the summer holidays next week.

The first blooms are appearing on the pohutukawa too, though most are still a few weeks away from “full pohutukawa.” After days of gloomy mist, the vibrancy of the red was a happy reminder that this year is ending, and a new year is about to begin. I’m not sure how we got here so soon. But after the gloom of the last two years, I’m ready to be hopeful about next year.

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My brother-in-law stayed again on Sunday night, after a week fishing and yachting in the Marlborough Sounds and Cook Strait, to pick up his car and drive home the next day. It had been a nice day, and was a beautiful evening, so for the first time this spring we ventured out onto our deck with a pre-dinner drink. It was warm with no wind and clear blue skies, the sun low in the sky, its light catching the oak leaves in the tree just behind us and turning them a vibrant green.

Above us, in the pine trees which are laden with pine cones and not too many leaves, the tui were chirping and clacking, and flying around wildly. It’s “that” season so the males were competitively chasing each other, in and out of the trees, weaving through the branches and out into the open air, then straight back into the trees again. One landed in a branch just a metre behind me, which was a real treat, and another dive-bombed BIL and I (or so it felt), making us duck in shock. Luckily, we didn’t spill our drinks, so the pleasure of the evening continued.

When are you going to join me on my deck?

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A windy found poem

It’s blustery outside today. I look at the date – mid-August – and I’m worried that the spring winds are arriving early, as they did last year, and that this will be a permanent change. So many unpleasant permanent changes in the world in the last few years. I guess if it is, it is a small price to pay compared to the raging fires and searing heat I see elsewhere in the world.

The sound of the wind in the trees reminded me of this sentence, which I wrote a long time ago, and had forgotten about until recently. When I posted it previously, someone commented that it was a “found poem.” As it is the only type of poetry I could possibly write (as my month of poetry/experimenting with form posts on x365 Take Two attests), I thought I’d share it with you.

Gale force winds
don’t stop a lot
in this windy city,
except for long
hair styles and wrap
-around skirts.

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