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I went on a lovely walk one morning last week, when the temperature wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold, and I wasn’t in a hurry, and there was only a light breeze, and everything felt just right. I was enchanted, as usual, by the pohutukawa flowers which are still vibrant on many trees, but not for much longer, as the feathery stalks of the falling blooms were carnage on the footpaths and in gutters.

I was equally enthralled by the beauty of the weeds, the way they swayed in the uncharacteristically gentle wind, their size and very existence creating a pleasing, relaxed, everyone’s-on-holiday degree of overgrown unkemptness. (Yes, I’m inventing words).

Appreciating what we have, even the weeds, I snapped a few photos with my phone.

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  1. Long, light, evenings
  2. Strawberries and raspberries, and summer desserts like trifle or pavlova (to go with the strawberries and raspberries)
  3. Walks in gardens and parks or on trails to (begin to) work off all the pavlova and trifle!
  4. We can escape outside if we start to feel too cooped up
  5. Lazy afternoons in the sun/hiding from the sun under a tree with a gentle breeze and a good book
  6. Boxing Day on a yacht in the water
  7. Swimming – if you’re brave enough to enter the NZ ocean! (Note: I wasn’t, so walked around the coast!)
  8. Left-overs and salad make meal preparations easy
  9. Ice-creams in lieu of lunch
  10. It’s really the start of our summer – or at least, our summer holidays – so there is no anti-climax when it is over.

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Last week I forgot the thing that made me happiest recently, and was actually the original inspiration for last weeks “happy things” post.

I hadn’t been into the city for a week or two or three, except for going on the bus (which takes a different route) to meet a friend for lunch. On Sunday (a week ago) we drove along the waterfront – almost all the quays (there are a lot of “quays” in Wellington) – and pretty much all the pohutukawa were in flower. The trees along the waterfront by the stadium and the route where cruise passengers would walk (and would have been walking this summer but for COVID) are getting bigger, and so there are even more beautiful red blooms. A few days later when I was in the city I started counting some of the trees along the sides and middle of the streets, and there are hundreds. I stopped to take a photo … or two. They really doesn’t convey the continuous delights of these red blooms as we drive along the quays and around the bays, where the newer council planted trees turned into the older, huge trees in Oriental Parade that were also in flower. Further around the bays were the trees where I took the photo some years ago that form my current and very seasonal header image.

I know I wax on (ad nauseum?) about the pohutukawa and their red blooms every year at this time. This is not even my first post about them this year! But they do delight me. They herald the season, promise a joyful, relaxed summer and summer holiday, and provide a nice introduction to a new year full of hope. This year, perhaps more than any other year, hope and joy is both necessary, and appreciated.

Another in the Thursday Tree Love series – find all the other bloggers doing it here.

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